Our Metro Team

Dave Catlin

Dave Catlin, Practice Administrator

Dave is a central Illinois native and lives in Edwardsville with his wife Krysta and three children. Dave has over ten years of experience in business management. He obtained his bachelor’s degree in business management from McKendree University.

​​​​​​​If you have any business questions regarding Metro Eye Care, please call Dave at (618) 659-1900.

​​​​​​​Having Fun on Carnival Days

Staff & family come together to pull off our annual Carnival Days. We devote multiple days throughout the summer to examining only our youngest & most fun patients while having a blast ourselves.

staff on carnival days
staff with continued education courses

​​​​​​​Furthering our Education

Our entire team goes to continuing education courses to further improve our knowledge & skill set. Sometimes we take a fun field trip together or go individually to hone on our departmental skills. We are always seeking ways to be better serve our patients.