Comprehensive Eye Exams

What our exam includes:

Visual acuity, pupil function, eye muscle movement, eye alignment, intraocular pressures, visual field testing, refraction, examination of external eye health, examination of optic nerve, macular, and retinal health.


Contact Lens Eye Exams (Fittings)

What our fitting includes:

Selection of proper contact lenses, trial contact lenses, contact lens solutions, follow ups, determination of proper fit and movement


Specialty Contact Lenses

Colored lenses, Multifocals, Monovision, Hybrid, Gas permeable, Scleral


Recreational, Occupational, and Fashion Eyewear   


Diabetic Eye Exams

What our diabetic eye exam includes:

Comprehensive eye exam, dilated retinal exam, and report to your general practitioner


Ocular Disease Management

Examples of diseases we treat include:

Glaucoma, Macular Degeneration, Corneal Disease, Severe Dry Eye Syndrome, Uveitis, Conjunctivitis (Pink Eye)


Pre- and Post-Operative Eye Care

Cataract Surgery, LASIK, PRK

Post-operative follow ups are frequent, we can provide you with the same post-operative care your surgeon can, but without the drive.


No Cost LASIK Consultations

Determination if you are a candidate for corneal refractive surgery

LASIK, PRK, Clear Lens Exchange (for highly nearsighted patients who cannot have LASIK or PRK)


Emergency Eye Care

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